AiR 351 – Art in Residence Open Call


What´s a AiR 351 residency
Besides providing private studios, offices and shared spaces to work and gather, AiR 351´s professional development program comprises:
– regular studio visits and meetings arranged according to each resident´s practice or research topic; engaging with the local art scene, especially with artists, curators, gallerists and collectors, through diverse activities; exclusive field trips (to art collections, exhibitions, artists studios, etc).


AiR 351´s team will use its best efforts to provide technical assistance.


In addition, according to AiR 351´s review and availability residents can also benefit from:
– presenting their work in public events at AiR 351;
– extending presentation opportunities outside of the residency premises through the organisation´s partnerships, namely with the MAAT, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology;


Please note that residencies can be exclusively focused on research and dialogue and not necessarily directed towards production or presentation.


Curators in residence are encouraged to interact with artists in residence, propose and organize events.


How to apply
AiR 351 welcomes application submissions throughout the year and are periodically reviewed. Residencies for artists can last up to 12 months. Nevertheless, a minimum of 3 months is strongly suggested so that artists can fully engage with the arts community, benefit from the resources, opportunities and team support that the program offers.


Residencies for curators may be shorter (1 month minimum).


Applications must be submitted via email to the following email address:


All applications should be written in English and must include:

AiR 351 Application Form;

– Letter of motivation including a brief description of current practice, statement of intent and goal of the residency (500 words max.);

– Curriculum Vitae;

– Portfolio (max. 10MB total)

– Optional: letters of recommendation (3 max.)


Please keep in mind:
– Letters of recommendation should be written in English;
– Only digital material is accepted;
– All documents should be sent in the same email;
– AiR 351 can respond to telephone inquiries except regarding the status of individual applications;
– Candidates should be proficient in spoken and written English;
– Candidates should not be enrolled in another residency or academic program during the residency period;

– Finding accommodation is the resident´s responsibility. Nevertheless, AiR 351 will provide its best efforts to help finding affordable solutions in the town of Cascais.


In addition to the program fee, applicants are advised to estimate accommodation, living and travel costs for the duration of their stay.Prospective residents should seek grants and other kinds of support. Applicants from abroad may be supported by their governments or foundations based in their home country. In case prospective residents do not qualify for any of the national grants they may apply directly on the condition that they have secured alternative funding, e.g. through supporting galleries, collectors or other kinds of bursaries. AiR351 issues invitation letters and other relevant information needed about the program to facilitate this process whenever appropriate.


Selection Process:
The Selection Commitee consists of 3 invited members:
– Nathalie Anglès (Residency Unlimited Founder and Executive Director, Brooklyn, New York)
– Sébastien Pluot (Art Historian and Co-Director of Art by Translation International Program, Paris)
– Delfim Sardo (Culturgest Artistic Director, Lisbon and Oporto).


Selection process includes reviewing the following criteria: quality of the work; potential outreach of the residency; potential ability to benefit from an AiR 351 experience. Although open to all artists and curators at all stages of practice preference is given to emerging and mid-career artists. AiR 351 will seek the confluence of the widest cultural background diversity at the same time.


AiR 351 member fees for residents
Upon application approval residents will belong to AiR 351 Residency Association through a monthly contribution. As members of AiR 351 in residence you are entitled to curatorial and technical assistance, regular studio visits, field trips, public programs, and also general space use. Besides these common services and once studio spaces size vary fees are calculated correspondingly. Currently AiR 351 can accommodate up to 7 residents who have a studio based practice at the same time. In addition, applications of artists and curators who wish to benefit from the program but do not need to use a studio space are also encouraged.To inquire about AiR 351´s member fees please send us an email: