My current project has to do with intuition, in the sense that not all aspects of the work are resolved in advance before production, and in lieu of this, the work is not so much a realization of an idea or image, but a construction that follows the hint of an idea, supposedly running further in front. This procedure, just came to mind, has also something kind of ridiculous and wasteful about it, because its like building a house for someone or an animal yet to be known – like being familiar with a stranger. Then we are left with the house as the work of art, as the space where ideas that ideas that are comfortable in this space might circulate.


This process could also be considered somewhat Jungian, but for now to me it represents a Socratic approach to work, keeping a straight line towards the question, but being open to know less the more you delve into it.


My area of research is theatre: the polyphony of voices, portraits, points of view, group of people, story.


Residency dates

May-July 2018






Rafael Yaluff (1983, Santiago, Chile) Graduates from visual arts at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (2002 – 2006) and carries MA. Studies in Philosophy at Universidad Alberto Hurtado (2008 – 2010). He started of as a landscape painter, often working in large format and 1:1 scale paintings – “Paintings of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, Plein Air and in Big Format” 2012, MACCHINA Gallery (Chile); “Rainforests” 2015, Columbus Centre (Canada). Progressively diverging from this path and switching the forest for the city, often interpreting it as a living organism – “The Blue Mask” 2017, Hashtag Gallery (Canada); “Karaoke” 2018, Otiima Artworks (Portugal). He has worked in the fields of transportation as a taxi driver, gaining as he refers, a psychoanalytical map of the city, later on moving to work in diverse Prop and scenery departments in production houses such as “Invercine” (Chile), “Fresh Never Frozen” and ‘Moss and Lam” (Canada). From his collective shows we distinguish his participation in Forårsudstilling 13, 2013, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Denmark) and at the MAVI & Minera Escondida prize for young contemporary art at the Museum of visual Arts (Chile). He currently lives and works in Lisbon.




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