Join us on April 6th for an afternoon and evening public program with Annabelle Moreau and Vittorio Santoro. The first part of the event will take place at the Jardim da Parada, in Cascais. Here “Suspended Gravity” – Rain Pavilion, Fog Pavilion – , a project by Clanet&Brito (Alice CH and Edgar Brito), winner of an international competition launched by the Municipality of Cascais in 2018, will be presented to the public for the first time. The second venue will be at AiR 351, located at a walking distance from the Jardim da Parada. Moreau and Santoro have conceived site specific works for this occasion (and Beatriz Batarda and Romeu Runa have been invited as protagonists of Santoro´s works). Maria do Mar Fazenda will lead a public talk with the Moreau and Santoro. This event results from the invitation of Artworks, AiR 351´s artistic partner. Please check detailed schedule attached.


April 6th
15h00 – Sommer Pavilion, Jardim da Parada

Vittorio Santoro, I WAS / BUT I AM (2019)
A real-time activity for 2 protagonists, 15 min
With Beatriz Batarda and Romeu Runa.

Annabelle Moreau, Les Ephémères (2019)
Words in translation, 15 min


16h00 – AiR 351, Av. Vasco da Gama, 11


16h00-17h00 – Annabelle Moreau, Drawing in Action (2019)
A real-time activity, ongoing


16h15-16h30 – Vittorio Santoro, MAPPING/ERASING (TEXT ON BLACKBOARD) (2018-19)
A real-time activity for 3 protagonists.
With Beatriz Batarda, Romeu Runa and Vittorio Santoro.


17h00-17h45 – Public talk with Annabelle Moreau and Vittorio Santoro led by Maria do Mar Fazenda (EN)


Full Program (in Portuguese)


@Bruno Lança / Artworks